Give Smart: How Everyone Can Become an Intentional Philanthropist, featuring Betty Turock and Kevin Strowder

Monday, January 24, 2022, 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm CT

Photo of Betty Turock (left side) and Kevin Strowder (right side)

We plan our collections. We plan our time. But how many people plan their charitable giving? This ALA Philanthropic Advisory Group event will provide tips and tools for how to expand the power of your philanthropy by giving with purpose. Attendees will learn from leading library donors how to develop their own giving plan and how to put that plan into action to benefit the causes they care about most.



Betty J. Turock is Professor and Associate Dean Emerita at Rutgers University, where for 22 years she was a member of the faculty of the School of Communication, Information and Library Studies. For eight years, she was Director of the master’s program and Chair of the Department of Library and Information Science. During her tenure, the program was named among the top ten in North America by U.S. News and World Report, a rank it continues to maintain.

Turock is a Past ALA President of the American Library Association and in that capacity traveled over 300,000 miles and testified on more than a dozen occasions before the Congress and the Federal Commission on Communications (FCC) to focus the interest of the people of the United States on just and equitable access to electronic information.

One of Turock's Initiatives during her presidency was the Spectrum Scholarship Program, which to date has educated over 1300 BIPOC librarians. She is recognized as one of the single largest donors to that program and is widely respected as a leader in library-focused philanthropy.

Kevin D. Strowder joined ALA in June 2021 as Director of the Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services where he oversees numerous association programs including the Spectrum Scholarship. Prior to coming to ALA, Strowder served as Senior Program Manager, Climate and Culture with Embarc, an organization centered around experiential education. His extensive tenure in the public sector has granted him the privilege to invest in diverse communities through LGBTQ+ activism, Service and Volunteerism, HIV/AIDS treatment, and DEI Strategy.

Strowder’s passion for ‘creating moments’ and placing people at the core of his personal mission keeps him motivated to ensure we will all someday see a fully just and equitable society. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Psychology from Lakeland University and a Master of Science in Organizational Development from Roosevelt University. Interior Design, dance, and rollerblading are a few of his favorite pastimes for self-care.

The program will be co-moderated by Philanthropic Advisory Group leadership and will feature the opportunity for interactive discussion.

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