The Library Learning Experience

January 27–30, 2023

Learn. Network. Celebrate.

LLX LibLearnX, The Library Learning Experience, New Orleans LA, January 27–30, 2023

Registration Opens October 17, 2022   View Rates

LibLearnX is an educational experience designed to motivate, inspire, and engage in discussions that will shape the future of libraries and their communities.

LibLearnX was designed to emphasize active and applied learning, networking opportunities for library professionals, and a celebration of the positive impact that libraries have on society.

LibLearnX was created for ALA enthusiasts who are excited about relevant, memorable, and meaningful learning, networking, and collaborative experiences.

At LibLearnX, library professionals at all levels can take part in a conference experience that will provide ultimate learning benefits. Attendees will participate in hands-on workshops, bite-size sessions, and other formats designed to match preferred learning styles with an emphasis on experiential learning. Be inspired and motivated by thought-leaders, authors, and subject matter experts, and celebrate your colleagues and favorite authors at the Award ceremonies.

Illustration of an online learning environment with three people collaborating on a project


Illustration of five people conversing and making connections in a virtual environment.


Illustration of four people celebrating book award announcements in a virtual environment.